Our conduct is based on the following principles We do not distinguish between ethical behaviour as a private person and that as a company or employee.


In all our business decisions and actions, we comply with the applicable laws and other relevant provisions in Germany and abroad. We are convinced that ethical behaviour and sincerity promote fair competition, also in relation to our customers and suppliers.

Environmental awareness

We are aware of our responsibility toward the environment and respect both our social as well as our ecologic environment. This also includes protecting fair competition by complying with applicable laws regarding restrictive practices, competition and restrictions of competition. are respected.

Prohibition of corruption

Certrans GmbH is against corruption and bribery. Unfair business practises are not tolerated. Employees of Certrans GmbH may not offer business partners any benefits or receive or accept such benefits from third parties, that could influence an objective and fair business decision or even just give such an impression.

Insider trading rules

Certrans GmbH complies with all insider trading rules under the German Securities Trading Act, in particular the prohibition of insider trading.

Fair working conditions

Certrans GmbH sees itself - also with respect to the relationship with its independent suppliers - as an employer with social responsibility. The personnel policy is geared to providing each employee the possibility of professional and personal development. Open exchange of opinion, criticism and ideas are promoted.

Confidentiality and data protection

Certrans GmbH treats all data provided to it by its customers confidentially and also requires its external employees to agree to do so in writing.