Certrans GmbH is managed by Heike Demme.

After an au pair stay in Geneva/Switzerland she studied law in Kiel/Germany and Guildford/England.

After the 1st legal state examination in 1996, she worked for a year as a freelance translator for English and French. In the context of the practical part of the legal training, which she completed in 1999 with the 2nd legal state examination, she worked at a law firm in Kiel specialised in European law, in the Department for European Affairs of the Ministry for European Affairs of Schleswig-Holstein, the Secretariat of the BSSSC (at that time in Copenhagen) and at the German embassy in New Delhi, India. Having completed her law studies, she headed the Innovation Relay Centre, a technology transfer project under the 5th Framework Programme of the EU in Kiel until she founded her first translation agency called HK-Übersetzungen.

In 2002 she successfully passed the state examination as business translator for the English language at the Dusseldorf Chamber of Commerce and has been a publicly certified translator for the English language since then. In 2004 she was also sworn in as court interpreter for the English language for the region of Schleswig-Holstein. In 2013 she sold the company HK-Übersetzungen GmbH and became the managing director of Certrans GmbH which she has managed since then.

Heike Demme has been a member of the institution of amicable settlements of competition law matters at the Kiel Chamber of Commerce for many years and has been appointed Judge of the Schleswig-Holstein Fiscal Court in 2016.

Furthermore, she is member of the ADÜ Nord e.V. and BDÜ e.V. professional associations as well as of the Kieler Kaufmann e.V. business club.

She enjoys languages, travel, hiking, dogs and singing.