We offer a full service solution for simultaneous/conference interpreter

A conference interpreter, also referred to as a simultaneous interpreter or simultaneous translator, transmits the spoken word, while the person is speaking. This requires a high degree of concentration, an extensive active vocabulary in the source language and the target language and a very high stress tolerance. Only a few excellently trained colleagues meet these requirements. The success of an international event depends very much on the performance of the interpreter. They are the calling card of the organiser. We know who can cope with this task and help you to make your event a success! We match interpreters in teams, also for several days and different language directions, we organise travel and accommodation for the interpreters, take care of the interpreter during the event and take care of the billing and checking of receipts etc. After the event, you will receive from us an account settlement statement based on the initial offer together with all necessary supporting documentation that is checked by us so that you do not need to spend time on these issues.