As an agency, we see ourselves as a link between the customer and the translator.

For us, it is not about obtaining the cheapest offer from our suppliers and selling the translation at the highest possible price. Our aim is a long-term, trusting cooperation between the translator and the agency and the agency and the customer.

For our freelance translators, we provide a range of services.

We win new customers and retain these thanks to our customer relationship management. For this purpose, we employ considerable financial and personnel resources.

In addition, we bear the risk of payment default, if one of our customers becomes insolvent or simply does not pay. Our translators always receive their money.

We pay within agreed deadlines, even if we ourselves only receive payment - e.g. in the case of public clients - much later.

We provide services for the customer, which go beyond what a single translator could do, such as project management for large, time-critical projects, terminology management, quality assurance of the translation under the 4-eyes-principle.

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We rely on 3 basic principles



For us, honesty in the communication between you, the customer, us and our internal and external employees is of paramount importance. Only in this way can a culture of cooperation develop where misunderstandings and errors are avoided thanks to the open exchange between all parties involved during order acceptance and order processing.



Of course, the aim of both the customer and the service provider is to obtain the best price. We see ourselves as a mediator between the customer and the translator or interpreter and try to find a fair balance between the interests of both sides. We are a service provider both for the translator and the customer and it is not our purpose to obtain the lowest price in the market from our suppliers through the exercise of purchasing power, but to establish sustainable customer and supplier relationships based on trust.


Added value

Nowadays, it is easy to find a language service provider online. However, we have tried and tested procedures to find out whether a translator is able to deliver the service in the quality desired. This includes a thorough analysis of the CV, checking the references provided as well as assessing sample translations. In this way, we provide translators upon whom you as the client can rely.