Authentication certificate / Apostille

Do you need an authentication certificate or apostille for a document, regardless of whether it has been translated by us or another translator? We will happily obtain this for you from the relevant agency. We charge a fixed price of €25.21 plus €4.79 VAT = €30 for this service, including all postage.

In principle, a translation certified by an authorised translator in Germany can be used as an authenticated document in all countries signed up to the Hague Convention.

Some agencies, however, like to ensure that the translation was actually done by the person named in the document.

In countries signed up to the Hague Convention, the agency under which the translator is authorised provides an apostille to confirm the signature of the translator and that the translator is included in the agency's database.

In all other countries, the relevant highest administrative authority provides the authentication certificate. The signature of the translator is first confirmed by the court and then the signature of the court officials are confirmed by the Ministry of Justice. This signature is stored in the form of a sample signature at embassies of all countries represented in Germany so that they are able to check its authenticity.

Sometimes an apostille or authentication certificate is also required for the German document.

It is best to check whether an authentication certificate of a certificate of good conduct or an apostille is required with the agency or company to which the documents are to be submitted. That is the easiest way.

Otherwise, the embassies and/or consular offices of the countries in which the certificate of good conduct is to be presented, will provide general information on this.