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Extract from the Commercial Register

Do you need your extract from the Commercial Register to be translated quickly and without complication? We can access the German extract directly from the Commercial Register. This means that the original document is automatically available to us and we can start work on the translation right away. Our price is determined per page of worksheet or extract in text form.

The Commercial Register distinguishes between the following types of extracts (source: www.handelsregister.de)

AD Current version

The current version from the electronically or automatically managed form of the Commercial Register relates to corresponding entries on a particular company, containing only information that is valid at this time, usually in the form of continuous text.

sample of the current version for "Thyssen Stahl GmbH" can be viewed free of charge at www.handelsregister.de.

CD Chronological version

The chronological version presents all entries - i.e current entries and those marked as no longer valid - in chronological order, from the date of conversion to electronic register management. The sequences of events are displayed in line with the column layout used in the Commercial Register.

A sample of the chronological version for "Thyssen Stahl GmbH" can be viewed free of charge at www.handelsregister.de.


  • To obtain the extract from the Commercial Register: €10 plus VAT per document
  • To translate the Current version: €60 plus VAT per document.
  • To translate the Chronological version: €95 plus VAT for the 1st page and then €50 plus VAT for each extra page.

To place the translation order, simply write to us. We will then obtain the current extract for you and produce your certified translation. Of course, you can also obtain the extract yourself and then upload it for translation via our order form.